Campaign Batrep: Necrons v Chaos Space Marines

Hammertime: 27 March

1300 pts

Necrons – David B
3 Wraiths
Ghost Ark
Annihalation Barge
Scarab Swarm
Canoptek Spider

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Kharn the Betrayer
2 squads of Khorne Berzerkers

Watch it here!



  • I have to admit it was looking difficult at the end of turn two. I think the number of shots I could pile into Franks forces told in the end, even with some dodgy rolling. The low number targets as well as low individual model count meant it didn’t take long to clear a squad.

    I’m much happier with the Destroyers as the Heavy versions – They offer a slightly better range support from the back and can still move and fire which is great.
    Got to see what the Wraiths are capable of this time and I have to say I was impressed. With so many fantastic options in the Fast Attack section it’s hard to know what to take.

    The lord didn’t get to do much – I’m wondering if a Destroyer lord that hangs out with the Wraiths might be a better use of points. I can then use the Command Barge as another Annihalation Barge.

    Coming down in the middle of his own force with the Terminators meant Franks force was completely bottled up in the centre of the board and surrounded on all sides. It allowed me to focus fire a lot as the game wasn’t that stretched.

    Great Game – Looking forward to Hammerswap!

    • My turn 2 was probably one of my best, it definitely left me with good feels inside, man 🙂

      But I think low model count, forgetting to do the extra attack in combat for at least one turn (doh!) and leaving my shooting to all of my heavy support was the part that made it tough for me. I think taking Typhus and Plague Marines (as troops) would have been better, as they have shooting, good combat and psyker support from Typhus. DSing in the middle of my own troops was probably a mistake, but I *really* wanted to get rid of that damn chariot! 😉

      Here’s my commentary I put on Something Awful:
      “Made the same mistake as against the Space Wolves – low model count – but it was a fun list to play anyway. I wish the Forgefiend had done more damage, but I should have fired on the Warriors instead of try to kill the scarabs, which were going to kill him eventually anyway. I took Kharn and the berzerkers because the Necrons are generally not good in combat, but those wraiths were pretty mean – and I forgot about adding a second combat attack for the berzerker’s pistol+chainaxe combo – so they were throwing 1 less attack each for at least one turn in combat. My heavies were meant to take out the vehicles and combatty stuff, and at least the lord’s stupid chariot was taken down, which was only the third time I’d seen that happen to our Necron player.

      I hope anyone who’s seen our earliest video batreps can tell the improvements over time, and I’m pretty happy this took me less than 40 or so minutes to edit (30 minutes, then I realized I’d forgotten the music).”

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