Looks like we’ve got a majority vote for Hammerswap! Let me know what the rest of you guys think.

So here’s my idea for Hammerswap:

1000 points, because we’ll be using armies we’ve either never used or haven’t used in a while, 1000 pts allows us enough time in an evening to look up rules we’re unfamiliar with, etc.

Additionally, these would be non-campaign battles for obvious reasons, and if you want to use an army that someone else uses just ask for a bit of help to get it together.

Finally, I just want to suggest we keep the same list for whatever army we have, no matter what we play against, partly to keep it simple and partly so we don’t try to tailor any list for anything in particular.

So here’s a provisional list of who’s doing what:
David B: Tau? 
David W: Necrons or Chaos
Jack: Orks
Shane: Dark Eldar?
Frank: …Tyranids!

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