Campaign Video Batrep #4: Dark Angels v Chaos Space Marines!

Hammertime: 5 March

1850 ponts each

Dark Angels – Jack
Deathwing Knights x5
Deathwing Termies x6
Deathwing Termies x6
Fast attack
Ravening attack squad x5
Ravenwing black knights x6
Dark shroud
Heavy support
Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Abaddon the Despoiler
8 Chaos Terminators
2 x Chosen (Abaddon makes Chosen Troop choices)
Fast Attack
5 Chaos Spawn
Heavy Support
3 Obliterators
5 Havocs with Autocannons
Here’s the video link: Check it out! or watch it below


  • Jack

    Great battle and thanks to Frank for the editing.

    Good game and seriously deadly, as I think space marine v chaos battles always are… So many re rolls and AP weapons makes for some real nastiness and I think disguises the closeness of the game, at least for a couple of turns.

    Men of the match for me goes to the black knights. Lots of points… But so so much plasma…

    • As usual, I need to step it up when playing against Jack – which I thought Abaddon and 8 termies would help me do…but oh no, his magical die-rolling skills stole the initiative and ruined me!

      Was still a fun game, even if I want to flip the table halfway through the first turn…deciding to assault Belial’s group helped Abaddon stick around, but without his bodyguard around him he wasn’t going to last through assaults by 3 different units. The Spawn weren’t much use, but my first go at using Obliterators helped me see their value – I’ll definitely be getting some Dark Vengeance terminators to convert, I think! And ectoplasm guns on the Forgefiend next time… 😉

  • Jack

    Yeah don’t know that you did a whole lot wrong… In truth the Achilles heel of my list would be a swarm army, chaos struggle to make any enemy roll enough saves, and when you have 2+ and 3+ saves, that makes life tricky. Makes it all the more important for you to get lots of nice AP stuff. Oblits were pure nasty, don’t want to face them again in a hurry.

  • Graham Endsor-Wigg

    yet again very enjoyable to watch guys!

    Vindicators are indeed mean and if you’re setting up 1st Frank its worth thinking about your deployment in terms of ‘what happens if I lose initiative?’ If the termies were there more for their combat it was probably worth sitting back so you couldn’t be in 30 inches of the cannon of doom.
    Thought Jack played it very well in terms of focusing on a flank and wrapping it up before continuing along and those black knights seem as nasty as I’ve read about.
    Question from the video commentary, Belial (when not ducking challenges, lol) took a wound from a powerfist guy, why wasn’t he instant killed due to double toughness attack?

    • Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever had initiative stolen off me before, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time (plus the stupid storm bolter hit Abaddon on a 6!). I haven’t used a Vindi myself so its stats weren’t something I’m familiar with (yet) but next time yeah it’s definitely something to think about. Sweeping in from one flank was a smart move for sure, it denied half my army from doing anything (you’d have thought Chaos would do the trick moves!) but the Black Knights are really bad, yeah. Will have to stock up on several flyers before playing Jack next 😛

      Not sure what Belial’s special rules are, but there was something that prevented him from being insta-killed. Not sure if he has Eternal Warrior or not.

  • David B

    There used to be a rule called “Hardened” which ignored the affects of Instant death. I don’t think it applies anymore in 6th. You need Eternal Warrior.

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