Campaign Video Batrep: Blood Spectres v Space Wolves!

Hammertime: 25th February

1500 points each

Relictors – Shane
2 x 7 Jump Assault Marines
2 x 10 Sternguard in Drop Pod
Bael Predator
Predator with Lascannons

Space Wolves – David W
Runepriest and Terminator bodyguard
5 Grey Hunters in Drop Pod
2 x 10 Grey Hunters
2 x 5 Long Fangs

Here’s the video link: Check it out! or watch it below

Pictures from the battle will be online soon!



  • This was a fun one to watch – just seeing if the second drop pod of Shane’s was going to come in was pretty intense, because it would have changed the whole flavor of the game no matter where they landed. Seeing the Wolves termies go down so quick was a bit of a shock, but at the end it was a bit sad seeing a couple of guys running away from everything and hoping for the cavalry to arrive! Still, learned a bit about what some new units do, and it was good to see Mephiston finally DIE!

  • When I saw Shane’s list I thought it was gonna be a blood bath, in the end it was brutual but we were both fairly unlucky in big sections and by the end it was balanced on a knife edge.

    Was a blast though and would be love to re-fight this one and see what the outcome would be if Shane got to use all of his troops (I reckon he would’ve wiped the floor with me!)

    In the end Shane gets the moral victory for so few, doing so much, for so long (or something…;) ), for his sternguard and for us all getting the deep strike reserve rules wrong (they automatically deploy on the 4th turn if they haven’t by then as someone pointed out elsewhere).

    • One important thing to remember wit new units is to read the rules about them. ALL the rules. Including the ones about Deep Strike. Especially the one where it says that units in Reserve automatically come in on Turn 4!

      Which would have altered the game drastically.

      So I think a rematch is definitely on the cards! Same lists, maybe even the same terrain! Doesn’t have to be a campaign game.

      The other thing to mention is that while the videos are getting good replies and lots of views, the only negative comments they are getting (in mostly constructive wording) is that the models need to be painted for the videos to look better. Let’s get cracking on this, and let’s get those vehicles built so I can paint them for you guys!

  • David B

    Oh Shane………

    Sort of related to the deep strike issue – But it looked like the first Drop Pods came in on turn 1?

    Is that part of a special rule or mission specific rule? I thought Reserves and Deep Strike were only allowed from Turn 2 (Not Turn 1) on a 4+, Turn 3 on 3+ and then Auto on Turn 4?

    I don’t have the rules to hand

    • SW and BA have an assault drop pod rule, where half of the pods must come in on turn one (rounding up) – so if you have 1, it comes in turn 1; if you have 2, 1 comes in turn 1; if you have 3, 2 come in turn one, etc.

      Just spoke with Shane – I think a rematch is in order!

      • David B

        ahh ok, thats a real bonus.

        Looked at the rules for it and it has weaponary plus a location beacon for further deep striking units. Plus whatevers inside, can get out and shoot in it’s first turn.

        Gives you fantastic flexibilty.

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