Campaign Video Batrep: Chaos Space Marines v Space Wolves!

Hammertime: 20th February

1250 points each

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Abaddon with Terminator bodyguard
2 x 5 Chosen
5 Spawn
5 Havocs

Space Wolves – David W
Runepriest with Rockfist and Terminator bodyguard
2 x 10 Grey Hunters
1 x 5 Grey Hunters with Wolf Banner & Wolfen in Rhino

Here’s the video link: Check it out! or watch it below




  • David B

    We could do with knowing a how these results impact the campaign? Which squares are being attacked and how the result reshapes the map.

    • The battles aren’t over a specific tile, the result can affect the roll to capture tiles though. The rules regarding the gains and losses of campaign territory are pretty abstract.

      From the End of Round of the Planetary Empires rules, only the players that won a battle in the round are allowed to take tiles off their defeated opponents. So right now Jack can attempt to take a tile off Shane, and Dave W can attempt to take a tile off me. Since they currently have the same number of tiles they’d roll-off to see who goes first to choose tiles to control. Normally the player who has the most tiles goes first and ties are decided by roll-off. For each win you’ve had in a round, you can attempt to get one tile from the armies you’ve defeated, but at a -1 to each extra roll.

      You then do a 2d6 roll. You capture a tile that’s adjacent to a tile you own on a 3+ roll, if you’re trying to get a tile NOT adjacent to you it’s a 7+ roll.

      Modifiers to the roll are:
      ‘winner only won a moral victory’ (don’t know what that is!) -2 to roll
      if the tile has defense lines, ruins or a river, -1
      if the tile is a mountain or space port, -2
      if the tile has a shield generator, – Modifier (depends on what army you are)

      So if you win a battle it’s pretty easy to grab a tile from the loser!

      If no one wants to pick a particular tile to fight over, I’ve made a simple d6 chart to help decide the theme of the terrain if you want. Something like this:
      1-2 Factory/Industrial
      3 Residential
      4 Farm
      5 Ruins/Wasteland
      6 River/combination

  • Jack

    Great game to watch – love the video batrep style and its really nice to see the actual players! Seemed a bloody and brutal game this, think Frank suffered from low model count more than anything, didn’t see any obvious tactical errors. I would be in favour I think going forward to perhaps agree scenarios sometimes ahead of time? I know people can then tailor their lists somewhat – but as both players can do that, I don’t see any major issues.

    • RE: low model count, yeah, definitely! Someone on Reddit commented that Abaddon was a not-ideal choice at 1250, he’s probably more suited for a 2000 pt battle but I wanted to use him! Probably should have gone for a Typhus or Kharn army (Kharn is quite cheap compared to Typhus).

      As for scenarios, you’re the only one with the books 🙂 so not sure how we can do that if you’re not playing

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