Campaign Video Batrep: Dark Angels v Blood Spectres!

Hammertime: 18th February

1500 points each

Relictors (Counts-as Blood Angels) – Shane
Relicarch (Warlord)
15 jump Death Company
2 x 10 Assault Troop squads
2 x Predators with Autocannons
2 x Land Speeders with Meltas

Dark Angels – Jack
Azrael (Warlord)
Battle Standard
5 Terminators with Power Fists, Plasma Cannon
5 x Ravenwing bikes with attack bike
2 squads of Tactical Marines, combat-squadded
Land Raider Crusader

No photos this time! Check out the video here or watch it below!


One comment

  • This was a fun game to video, shame for Shane that he got tabled but that’s how it is playing against Jack! 🙂 Actually you can learn a lot playing against a better opponent, and there’s a lot to this game really. I think Shane has got a lot of tips to try for next time!

    From the video side of things here’s what I’m going to try next time:
    – Check that anti-shake is enabled (I think it is, not sure)
    – Check if there is some sort of auto-focus setting
    – Do deployment and battle force intros in one go, instead of two army introductions
    – A post-game wrap-up would be pretty cool too, just like 30 seconds from each player about what they might have tried differently
    – Keeping the end-of-turn stuff shorter is definitely a goal, we’ll get better at this the more we do it

    Editing the video in Windows Live Movie Maker was pretty simple – it’s easy to learn and has a couple of quirks but adding text and music is pretty simple and it’s a hell of a lot faster to do this than to choose, edit and upload 40+ pictures for every batrep! Uploading the video takes a long time, but that’s just part of being on Youtube.

    In general I think a 5-turn battle can be done in under 10 minutes, easily, with a bit of back-and-forth banter before and after.

    I’m also going to work on different musical themes for each army, so during each player’s turn their own army’s music will be playing – I’ll let everyone have a listen once I have some music choices for you guys!

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