Batrep: Dark Angels & Space Wolves vs Blood Spectres & Chaos Space Marines!

Epic 2v2!

Hammertime: 24th January

1000 points each

Relictors (Counts-as Blood Angels) – Shane
The Relictor (Sanguinor)
2 x Relictory (Sanguinary) Priests
2 x 10 jump Assault Troop squads
2 x Predators with Autocannons

Space Wolves – David W
Rune Priest x2
3 squads Grey Hunters
2 squads Long Fang

Dark Angels – Jack

Librarian in Terminator Armour
Deathwing Knights
Deathwing Terminators
Deathwing Terminators

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Kharn the Betrayer + 9 Khorne Berzerkers in Land Raider
5 Khorne Berzerkers
2 x 5 Havocs with Autocannons

  • 4×6 table
  • Random scenario, Relic
  • Random terrain, deployment zones, table edges (diagonal deployment) and sides



The bad guys deploy first, setting up the Havocs on the big hill to get line of sight across the battlefield, Frank sticks his land raider as close to the relic as it will go, with the spare 5 Khorne Beserkers footslogging behind. Shane flanks Frank’s army with his predators and assault marines out wide on either side.


The Dark Angel allies begin in reserve having secretly written down which turn they would make their “Deathwing Assault” (it proved a big surprise to everyone later when it was revealed this would be first turn). The space wolves spread out, and the good guys were gutted to realise the deployment zone meant no standing up on the water tower! Therefore the long fangs split up skulking in the forest and the ruins, and the grey hunters divided up across the battlefield, Dave W keeping his options open and standing by for a counterattack.


Bad guy movement phase kicks off, and the land raider rolls forward, guns bearing down on the space wolves as Frank prepares to fire his first blast with some “proper” space marine tech! Shane moves his pred up to flank the land raider and keeps his assault marines out of line of sight behind it to screen him from the space wolves shooting.

The Havocs shoot into the long fangs and some decent shots drop a few of the veteran sons of Russ.

On the other Flank, the predator and assault marines outflank round the back preparing to come at the side of the good guys deployment.


Static charges race through the air signalling the arrival of the Death wing. Mutters of “cheese” and “what happened to fluff lists?” can be heard from the heretics on the other side of the table as Belial gets to scatter-free drop right onto the Relic with one squad (below) and the other two squads also luckily avoid scattering (thank you dice Gods!), with the Librarian-led Death wing arriving behind Shane’s outflanking assault marines and the Death wing Knights dropping in front of the Havocs (above).

The space wolves advance, the grey hunters move out towards the advancing chaos forces, the other grey hunters move to counter Shane’s outflanking assault marines.

Good guy shooting begins, and the twin-linked rule on the first turn after deep-striking pays dividends, allowing the plasma cannon to land right on top of one squad of Havocs, a nice set of wound rolls later and the good guys get first blood! The rest of the death wing termies split their fire and knock out a few assault marines.

Meanwhile… the long fangs fire into the left-most predator, knocking it down to 1 hull point before being finished off by the Termies on the relic.


The land raider moves up and fires into the advancing grey hunters, knocking out a couple. Meanwhile, the assault marines + relictor leap over the top, heroically avoiding any failed dangerous checks and prepare to charge the terminators who crashed the relic party.

The havocs fire into the long fangs on the right but fail to cause any wounds.

The assault marines and predator fire into the termies who deep striked in behind them, dropping one. Then they charge in after overwatch kills a single marine. Let battle commence!

Unfortunately, the assault marines bounce off the termie armour for the most part, they do manage to inflict one wound on the librarian.

The death wing strike back, killing 4 or 5 and the remainder fail the morale check and jump straight off the board like the cowardly heretics they are!

The “mega” combat begins and the assault marines pile in, unfortunately the Relictor (the guy in black) ends up at the back of the scrum and cant get into combat on his initiative step (really bad luck for Shane here).

Belial gets his first taste of combat and kills a few of the Relictor honour guard, the termies kill a bunch more, the termies lose one of their number to the assault marines attack and Belial takes a wound as well knocking him down to 2. Relictors lose combat but are fearless.


Good guys turn 2 begins and the deathwing Knights march towards the juicy followers of chaos for a righteous smiting!

The long fangs pop shots into the land raider but fail to scratch its ceramite surface. The grey hunters move up and prepare to charge the fell occupants of the mighty beast!


Bad guy turn 3 begins, the Havocs pump autocannon shots into the grey hunters, knocking out a few.

The land raider rumbles forward, and fires shots into the grey hunters, killing a few more. The other Berserkes move up the left side.

The assault turns bad for the Relictors in the middle, with the termies dropping the rest of the jump troops, only the Relictor stands defiant in the middle, his 3+ invulnerable save keeping him alive.. for now..

The berserkers leap out of the raider and fire into the grey hunters, killing a couple. Then they charge in!

First major win for the bad guys here, Kharn (incorrectly as it turns out) killed a few of his own guys, but the space wolves are all but wiped out (only the rune priest stands firm).


Good guy turn 3 and the Deathwing Knights follow the path of Chaos, trying to find a target to charge… hmm Land Raider looks yummy.

Dave W’s grey hunters and rune priest move up the left hand side of the board, and a combination of shooting, jaws of the World Wolf and the long fangs in the trees knocks out the 5 man berserker squad.

The Deathwing knights make their charge through difficult terrain and prepare to power up their maces…

KERBOOOOOOM, smite time, and the Land Raider is toast.. it explodes, but everyone makes their saves.


The Khorne Berserkers’ bloody rampage continues, and they march into the other grey hunter squad, tearing through them like a hot knife through butter.

Ouch, and a VP for the bad guys as Dave W’s Rune Priest is minced by Kharn.


Good guys turn 4 and the termies on the right hand side fire into the pred, immobilising it.

Meanwhile, the space wolves finally get a chance to shoot at the pesky Khornites, killing…

… the lot, and Kharn bites it…(missile to the face) Warlord kill VP for the good guys! For those keeping track… the combat in the middle STILL rumbles on.


The last two havocs fire into the grey hunters but the shots ping off the power armoured warriors. Not much left for the bad guys now…


Sensing blood, the Death wing on the right knock out the final predator…

The grey hunters and long fangs kill the Havocs on the hill… and the Relictor finally falls to the ground as nearly 10 terminators crowd around him… the forces of evil are vanquished!


Space Wolves & Dark Angels: 7 (First Blood, 2x Slay the Warlord, Relic, 1 for being Dark Angels*)
Relictors & Chaos Space Marines: 1 (Slay the Warlord)

* This refers to the special warlord trait Belial has where he gets 1 VP for his unit killing the enemy warlord. Not as Frank as asserted + 1 VP for being Dark Angels.


  • Jack

    Ok, my thoughts on the battle…

    Our man of the match – Long fangs were consistently good at dropping Chaos Marines, and kept the Havocs quiet, as well as finishing off Kharn… which was nice. Possibly tie these with the Plasma Cannon-wielding Terminator who teleported in, killed a 120pt (?) squad of Havocs in one shot and made his points back x2 in one go!

    Strategy wise – I think we got it pretty much bang on. Although I was hoping to avoid the Relic mission (as it kinda draws everyone onto you), Dave W and I had a game plan which we stuck to, the Wolves provided fire support and counter-attack potential, with the Death wing doing their Deep Strike thing and keeping as much of the enemy busy as possible.

    Being able to drop Belial directly onto the Relic with his scoring squad was massive… again an unexpected benefit of the Relic mission.

    Things I would change – The Knights were great… for the one turn they did anything other than look bad ass. I guess they just made their points back by blowing up the Land Raider, but lacking shooting was a bit annoying – maybe next time just go for that third squad of death wing… with another plasma cannon.

  • This was a pretty enjoyable game, even with the big loss. I got to use my Land Raider and finally got to see a Champion of Chaos roll on the Chaos Boon table! Plus the Berzerkers got to get their chain axes nice and gory.

    My man of the match has to be Kharn, taking out quite a few Grey Hunters and the Rune Priest on his own! Unfortunately he didn’t turn into a Daemon Prince after winning the challenge, but give him time!

    I think the Relictor man of the match has to be the Relictor/Sanguinor, for holding up Belial’s squad for nearly the whole game!

    Strategy-wise, Shane and I stuck to our plan (Berzerkers to roll up within 6″ of the Grey Hunters and then assault), unfortunately Kharn accidentally killed 3 of his own (should have been re-rolls because of Hatred) but it wouldn’t have changed the end result – those guys would have been shot up by the Wolves. The jump assault squads were supposed to hold up the Terminators (or bikers, whatever came up), but you can’t foresee that many bad rolls – not sure the attacks that were forgotten would have made much of a difference. Many tac marines would have been helpful for sure against the Terminators (lessons learned while playing Dark Eldar!).

  • I thought it was a great battle, lots of carnage making for good entertainment, although I may be biased as I was on the winning side for once!

    I think we had a solid plan and everything worked more or less as hoped. I was a little disappointed my Grey Hunters didn’t prove as resilient as I expected, but the Long Fangs fulfilled their role admirably – fire support for the stars of the show, the Deathwing.

    A frightening prospect of 17 models in terminator armour appearing where they feel like on turn 1! I’m glad I was on the right side of that equation!

    In truth the scenario suited our set up and I can see why Frank said at the start of the battle we don’t usually play relic missions in non competitive games because the others are more interesting.

    With one objective in the middle of the battlefield and us being able to drop one of the toughest units in the fight right on top of it was always going to concentrate the action in one place. An all or nothing scrap to the death was always going to end badly for someone.

    Even in such dire circumstances, I was impressed by the Sanguinor’s staying power, he certainly lived up to his billing of descending from on high to defend the Blood Angels / Relictors in their hour of need! I was only reading about him the other day and wondered why Shane hadn’t taken him before (over Mephiston) – now I wish we could put that Genie back in the box – I fear I may be facing him again in a Grudge match soon!

    Kharn = truly terrifying. I was glad to be able to shoot up Frank’s second squad of Bezerkers (leaving me unmolested to focus fire on Kharn) otherwise those two units combining would’ve completely decimated my remaining force. It was still good to finally see what Khorne’s finest could do at long last, just a shame it had to be at such close range!

    It’d be interesting to see how these forces would fare in a different scenario, say an objectives game – would the forces be spread too thin to be able to deal such a decisive blow?

    Man of the Match for me was definitely Belial and his pals – makes me want to see how a Loganwing army matches up! Maybe Space Wolves could settle a few scores with the unforgiven, termie vs termie…hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe not!

  • Without a doubt the worst game I have ever played. I need new dice.

    Our tactics were simple, be fast, assault, lots of attacks.

    I thought a squad of 5 honour guard, plus 4 assault marines, a sergeant and the sanguinor dishing out a ridiculous amount of attacks (i think it was roughly 40-odd) strength 5 attacks on the charge would be a decent tactic against small terminator squads. I’d deal with the Dark Angels and Frank would concentrate on the Wolves.

    I did next to no damage due to insanely bad rolling, at one point i rolled 5 1’s in a row, and as soon as the terminators hit back, they pretty much did as much damage as possible and wiped me out by turn 2.

    Somehow my lone predator managed to be unit of the match, single handedly taking down 2 terminators out of 6 shots (over 3 turns). That still doesn’t balance the odds of my assault rolling!

    Don’t be scared of the Sanguinor, he’s only really good at buffing the rest of his unit up and staying alive. Mephiston is still the bad ass, although not as good at staying alive.

    I thought my list would have been much more effective, even with missing out loads of hammer of wrath attacks because of my narrow charges, the normal attacks should have done much much more.

    Lesson from this game; either take death company with a chaplain for the re-rolls on charges or get luckier!

    Relictors got pwned. Games are always fun though, cheers Hammerbros!

  • Jack

    Was rotten luck on your part Shane to be fair, felt pretty bad for the combat in the middle. Not convinced about the autocannon preds but i suspect that was more due to points limitations, think you might enjoy las-preds a bit more for termie splatting.

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