Upcoming projects

Without buying any new stuff (hopefully!), here’s what I’ve got planned for the next few weeks/months

Army projects:
Finish painting Plague Marines
Finish painting metal Chaos Terminators (black/gold for Abaddon bodyguards?)
paint remaining Khorne Berzerkers
convert & paint Dark Vengeance Dark Angel Terminators to Nurgle Terminators
fix & paint Kharn
paint Abaddon
paint Horus
fix & paint black Rhino in chapter colors (airbrush)
fix & paint Land Raider in chapter colors (airbrush)
make green Rhino into Nurgle Rhino (convert & paint) (airbrush)
paint Hellbrute (airbrush)
paint Forgefiend (airbrush)
assemble & magnetize Heldrake (airbrush)

Terrain projects:
4 60mm craters for Dreadnoughts, etc
4 Rhino/Raider size craters
2 Land Speeder wreck markers
3 Predator/Rhino wreck markers
paint little generator/power buildings

horizontal storage tanks
paint & detail cardstock buildings (airbrush)
wrecked house (just walls and base)
exploded 2-story house (walls, 2nd storey, stairs)
detail red storage silos
small storage tanks from cans, etc
medium raised water tank
small raised water tank


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