BatRep: 3-way battle for the Relic!

Battle Date: 15th August

750 points each, with:

Tau – David B
Dark Eldar – Frank
Relictor Space Marines – Shane

4×6 table
Random terrain
Random mission: The Relic (Capture The Flag or CTF)
Night Fighting

Forces deployed 2′ apart around the table edge, Dark Eldar rolled for deployment location choice first, and also to deploy and move first. Relictors rolled to choose deployment area and deploy second and Tau deployed last. The Relic was

Dark Eldar forces deployed behind containers and a large factory at one end of the battlefield, the Relictors deployed across from the Tau location within two sets of ruins and behind a tall water tower. Tau deployed along a hill ridge and behind trees, and also within ruins and trees in the immediate vicinity of the Relic (due to Infiltrate).

Turn 1
Dark Eldar mounted in Raider transports moved forward from behind the factory, taking shots at the Tau tank without hitting. The Venom with Wyches moved forward, inflicting one wound on the stealth suit Tau, but Overwatch killed the Wyches when they charged to assault (possibly a Rule We Got Wrong). A Raider with the Archon and Incubi disembarked and attempted to charge the Relictors in the ruins, but weren’t able to reach on their charge attempt.

The Relictors attempted to fire on the Dark Eldar HQ unit but weren’t able to inflict any more wounds. The other units in ruins took out a few Kroot Warriors from the Tau side that were in the woods surrounding the Relic, but were unable to kill a majority of them.

On the Tau’s turn, the Kroot Warriors started moving to the edge of the board with the Relic, while the transport dropped off Fire Warriors. The stealth suit Tau started firing on the Relictors in the corner ruins, inflicting casualties. The Tau tank managed to wreck one of the Dark Eldar Raiders, forcing the Wyches on the Raider to emergency disembark, making them take casualties as the Raider was on top of a stack of shipping containers.

Turn 2 and beyond (lost track from here)
The Archon and his Incubi retinue moved to assault the Relictors in the corner ruins, taking them all out in the first turn of assault. The Raiders were able to disembark Wyches to assault the Tau tank, however a solid shot from a Dark Lance managed to penetrate and explode the tank, killing many of the Wyches.

The Relictors tried shooting the Kroot that were carrying off the Relic, meanwhile the Relictors and Tau started a slugging match around the water tower on the other end of the board.

View of the battlefield in approximately Turn 3

The Archon and his retinue got onto the now-empty Venom and moved to the center of the board, taking out the Tau stealth suits, where they were then killed by Tau command squad.

The Kroot eventually made it off the board edge with the Relic, although the Relictors were able to nearly take them out. The  remaining Dark Eldar Wyches got onto the last surviving Raider and started trading shots with the Tau command squad, which eventually were able to take out the Raider, forcing the remaining 5 Wyches to huddle in the large building ruins.

In the end, the victory points were roughly:

Tau: 7 or 8 (first blood, 2 warlords killed, 3 points forescaping with the Relic, plus several units killed)
Dark Eldar: 3 or 4 (units killed)
Relictors: 1 or 2 (units killed)

Thoughts to take away (my opinion of course): Didn’t think about the Infiltrator abilities of the Tau, so the Dark Eldar should have rushed the middle or tried to cut off the escape route right from the start. The Relictors barely moved, they could have swung around the destroyed Tau transport to flank the Tau fire warriors, but at least they didn’t end up with many units completely destroyed. Tau started with a major advantage by being able to deploy directly on the Relic from the very start, so it was going to be a matter of playing catch-up with them from turn 1. Dark Eldar didn’t do *too* badly, considering, but still should have moved around a bit more, and faster.

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