• I think definitely something to break up the all-green look of them would be good – are you going to be adding metal or white details to the other vehicles? But certainly anything that splits up the green blocks all in a row, visually speaking, will help them stand out. Some weathering, mud splashes, etc. wouldn’t go amiss, if you don’t mind mucking up your models.

    But for the dozer blade, yeah the yellow-black stripe would look cool angled around the edge. I’ve seen it on a lot of marine vehicles, so it’s something that could look samey or it could look very cool if done right – personally I think a chipped and rusted look would be pretty sweet for a dozer blade: dark green base, yellow and black stripes, rusted chips around the edge and a few ‘fresh chips’ of brighter metal.

  • Jack

    Definitely adding other colours! not just going green!! Lots of bone details. There will also be white chapter markings on the tanks.

  • Jack

    Leaning towards a nice dirty metal dozer, think yellow and black might look a bit “toyish”

  • i think you should definitely paint the dozer blade in another color then green. I tend to a silver dozor blade with some mud and such things

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