• Jink saves forcing snapshots is a bit annoying but I can see why (from a reality/fluff perspective) but it definitely doesn’t help bikes and Dark Eldar Raiders.

    Grounding tests changing is great, not being able to land and charge on the same turn is annoying.

    Vehicles being harder to destroy in one shot is good and bad but overall OK I think.

    Making specific GW bits of terrain have their specific rules is a bit lame if the rules don’t allow for craters (exploded vehicles don’t create a crater, supposedly?) and there is no more area terrain.

    Will be having a look-see over the weekend of course!

  • I like the Jink save rule as it makes bikes and their ilk a bit less powerful – Ravenwing were a bit OP in 6th: a squad of bikes toting twin-linked plasma guns, charging around the board with effectively 3+ invulnerable saves without penalty – I won’t be shedding any tears now they can only snap-shot next turn!

    Still don’t get the “rules as intended” part about not being able to charge on the turn you arrive from reserve / disembark from non assault ramp vehicle etc. Or at least give more vehicles assault ramps!

  • Updated the post with a link from 3++ Is The New Black…

    I don’t like some of the changes but overall the changes are mostly good…so far!

    Interesting that the rules suggest that custom-made terrain have their own dataslates for special rules, basically houseruling stuff. I kind of like that though, it’s something I’d want to do anyway.

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