House Rule? Consolidate into assault

Cast your mind back… In old editions of 40K, after winning assault a unit could assault another unit – most (or all) old-time players agree that this was overpowered and could result in one unit walking through an enemy’s backfield, taking out everything in sight.

Current players say that assault is underpowered compared to shooting, and most of us have had the problem come up where a friendly unit wins combat, is stuck out in the open and are shot up immediately. So the result of having a unit that’s too good in combat is that they wipe out the enemy, but the pay-off is they get killed by shooting right after.

So what’s the solution? Check this out:

  • Your unit wins combat
  • Unless your unit has the Slow and Purposeful rule, make a successful Initiative test to declare another assault – a failed Initiative test allows normal consolidation
  • Enemy unit to be assaulted makes Overwatch (option: at full BS?)
  • Assaulting unit rolls D6 for assault distance (consolidation assault in 3rd ed. was 3″ or 6″, not sure)
  • Resolve combat as normal
  • Limit of consolidating into 1 extra combat (option: no limit? does rolling against Initiative introduce enough of a limit?)

What this does is give assault specialists, which have a high Initiative, a way to be ‘special’ again and so be more valuable. Successful assault units have a chance to dive right into another combat so they can’t get shot up immediately. It also gives HQ units more of a reason to be on the field. Low-Initiative units are either slow wrecking balls or are no good in combat anyway, so this rule won’t matter to them. Normal MEQs will be able to consolidate into assault 2 out of 3 times, and assault specialists like Assault Marines and Berzerkers will have a better chance.

Other things to consider:

  • Should the assaulting unit have a reduced Initiative or Weapon SkillĀ for the first round of combat?
  • Should the assaulting unit have assault special rules removed for the first round of combat?

Post what you think! We can give it a try and see what works and what doesn’t – maybe even set up a few mock scenarios. Dave W and Shane are happy to give it a go (the situation of ‘win combat, get shot up’ happened twice in the game last week!


  • I like the rules so far, always good to try new house rule variations; how about you lose the +1 attack for charging into combat on subsequent assaults?

    I like the idea of reducing the initative level, maybe by one point per new assault (if we are allowing more than one), to represent the multi-assaulter feeling fatigue and losing the element of surprise, as the enemy can see them coming and steel themselves for the charge!

  • Yep, like it. The multiple assaults and dropping 1 initiative sounds fair too. We should give it a go!

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