X-Wing Miniatures: First 60-point game

Shane finally got to break in his starter set with a Quick Start game, a 31-point game that he won, then we did a 60-point game where Luke and R2-D2 pulled out a fantastic (and very very close) victory! Biggs ‘meat shield’ Darklighter soaked up all the damage and after he was gone it was Luke & R2 facing 3 experienced TIE fighters, only one of whom was damaged (1 hp remaining). It took a lot of maneuvering, 2 or 3 turns of vastly lucky rolling and a lot of shield work from R2 but the good guys came through in the end 🙂

The 60-pt game lasted about an hour and a half, that could be reduced a bit the more we learn the rules, but there isn’t much more to learn really, the rules are pretty clear-cut. We did get a couple of major rules wrong in the 31-pt game but that’s just part of learning things.

Overall, very fun and looking forward to more!


  • Great game, cheers Frank! Really enjoyed all three. It plays a lot faster than I thought it would which I liked as well.

    I think the movement phase strategy is especially brilliant, always trying to guess what your opponent will do, think who will shoot first, can you stay out of their firing arc but get some shots in etc. Really good fun.

    Look forward to having more battles! That ‘starry’ game table cover is ace as well. Luke Skywalker with R2D2 and marksmanship is a joke though.

    • Yeah Luke was laughing pretty hard all the way to Dagobah! 😉

      The game does roll pretty smoothly once you get all the basics down, the tactics of close-in dogfighting really does make it really nail-biting at times.

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