• oooh i love that green! It looks so effective. Has the green already been highlighted? Or is that natural lighting causing the glow colouring effect?
    Either way, looks awesome!! 😀

    • Thanks! 🙂 the green is the one that comes in the Cryx paint set (http://privateerpress.com/content/cryx-colors), everything on this model was done with that set except for the black and white, which are Vallejo and I mixed for the various shades of grey. The green is called ‘Necrotite Green’ and is highlighted with white mixed in with the same color in variations all the way up to pure white.

      I’ll have better pictures on the Tiny Plastic Spacemen site real soon, this is just a picture from my phone and I didn’t play around with the exposure setting at all so the whites are really blown out.

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